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VMware Cloud Foundation Security

Securing a VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) environment can be a daunting task at times. There are several products that can be deployed, and each has specific things that need to be looked at. It’s especially important to think of VCF as a solution though, as actions that you may take on an individual product can impact the functionality of the solution as a whole. Today, however, this just got a bit easier…

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VLC- Expansion Pack – VCF 3.9.1

The expansion pack feature in VLC can be used for a few things;
1) Building nested hosts
2) Expanding your nested VCF implementation!
3) Testing the limits of your hardware <- You know you want to!

In this post we’re going to talk about Building Nested Hosts and I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out how to do the other two things on your own, or I’ll write a blog article on it! Make sure you follow the implementation guide for VLC with regards to PowerCLI and OVFtool versions and settings.

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Getting vSphere 6.7U3b up and running on a non-UEFI server

Hi all, I thought I share since I went through this yesterday on my HP DL360p G8 in the lab. It started out with the cheap-o USB stick I had installed ESXi on flaking out.. and for those that have had it happen it can be unnerving to say the least. I couldn’t power down VM’s, make changes to the config, etc… I knew what had likely happened and on a reboot.. well, it never came back.

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