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Removing Failed Edge Cluster

Sometimes.. things just don’t work right, I am writing another blog entry that required me to deploy an edge cluster and well.. I fat fingered an IP address so there was a failure. While it would be nice to just make a change to the submitted configuration, we can’t in this instance. Rather we need to remove and then redeploy the edge cluster. There is a KB for this, but I like visuals to go along with my text so let’s walk through it together!

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Changing DNS and NTP with SDDC Manager APIs

File:Lochstreifen-2.png - Wikimedia Commons

Not so long ago while working at customers, one of the things you didn’t like to hear was that old “data center services” would need to be retired. In my experience, it was usually because they were running an ancient version of FreeBSD or <pick you distro> that wasn’t supported any longer. New services would be stood up, with new IP’s of course.. and then you had to manually change it on every. single. system… The VCF DNS and NTP API’s go a long way to help in these situations!

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VLC/VCF Lab Dedicated Server, best value I’ve seen!

The other day I was helping a friend of mine get VLC up and running on his server. When doing some discovery about what hardware he had I learned that it was a dedicated server hosted at OVH. I asked how much he paid per month and was quite surprised at the response. As this is something that we constantly run into… HOW much for a lab to run VCF?! I was surprised enough that I went out and got my own!

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